Raw Dog Food

Did you know raw dog food is terrific for your dog?

Yes, raw dog food is the best thing that your dog will ever have. Raw dog food is in its natural form, its nutrients are still intact and the moisture content is just what your dog needs. Raw food is fun for your dog especially if there are bones involved. Bones will keep your dog occupied for quite some time and it will clean its teeth.

Raw Dog Food

Is raw dog really safe for your dog?

This is the million dollar question that every pet owner asks. The answer to this question is a big yes and not only is it safe; it is also the most nutritious way to keep your dog healthy and happy. The only problem is that dog food manufacturers will keep scaring you with things like ‘E-coli’ and Salmonella to keep you from getting raw foods for your furry friend.

It is unfortunate that FDA allows commercial dog foods to contain as many ingredients as possible and most of these ingredients are not healthy for your dog. In fact, you would never feed your dog on these foods if you had an idea of what is contained in some of them.

Some of these ingredients include meat from animals that might have died from serious ailments, animals that might have died before they got to the slaughter house or fish that might have been transported unrefrigerated. Others include powdered meat, synthetic minerals and vitamins and/or genetically modified food ingredients.

With this kind of information in mind, you then understand why raw dog food is the best for your furry friend. Meat from animals that feed on grass (free-range grazing) is less likely to be contaminated as compared to meat that comes from animals that are kept in unsanitary conditions.

The dog’s digestive system has been designed in such a way that any food borne pathogens are destroyed before they are absorbed into the dogs systems. The dog’s digestive system is designed to digest meats from bones and bones as well. Dog’s digestive system allows meat and other foods to stay in the stomach for over 8 hours where the food is exposed to strong stomach acids.

This means that any pathogens that might have been harmful to your dog will be destroyed before it can harm the dog. After all, even before the dogs were domesticated, they ate raw meat and they never got sick.

How to handle raw dog food

So, how does handling raw dog food become harmful to humans? This is just a scare by FDA to keep people from buying their dogs raw foods. You may ask why people don’t become sick when buying raw chicken, turkey, pork and lamb for their kitchen.

There are minimal dangers that will arise when handling dog food. The same measures you apply when handling food meant for your dinner table are the only ones you will need to apply when handling your dogs food. For example, when you are handling chicken for your dinner table, you wash your hands after you are done.

Nest you clean all the utensils that were in use when preparing your chicken. These are the same measures you will use when preparing meat for your dog. All you have to do is open the container where you have stored meat for your dog; take the piece or pieces you want to give your dog and place it on a clean bowl.

The next thing is cleaning the spoon or the fork you used; once the dog is done eating, clean and dry its bowl. That was not hard, or was it?

How to store raw dog food

Most raw food is meat and we all know that meat is better stored in cold conditions. Just freeze the meat in your freezer. Make sure that all meat is wrapped with a resealable plastic bag before placing it in a freezer. The airtight re-sealable bag will help in keeping the meat fresh while at the same time preventing any bacteria from growing.

Storing the food in a constant temperature of 0 °F will prevent any microbial growths thus keeping your dog safe from all infections like food poisoning.

Raw foods that have been bought from the stores can be stored in their individual containers to make it easier for you during feeding time. All expiry dates should be left on so that you don’t end up feeding your dog on expired foods thus endangering its life.

Don’t expose the whole food to normal room temperature then return it to the freezer because it will grow pathogens. Just remove the part that you intend to feed your dog and return the rest to the freezer as fast as possible.

All knives, forks and anything else that’s used when preparing dog food should be cleaned as soon as feeding is over to prevent the growth of pathogens.

The best raw dog food


Raw Dog Food BoneBones are good because they help in cleaning your dog’s gum. Studies have also shown that dogs that chew on bones have improved good behaviors and they are not as cranky as dogs that don’t get bones to chew on. However, not all bones are good for your dog.

For example, easily splintered bones from chicken meat can easily pierce your dog’s gum or in serious cases, it can choke your dog and kill your dog. Safe bones are the ones that are rock-hard and they are shatter-proof meaning they will never pose a danger to your dog.


Make sure the chicken is fat-free and does not have any bones. Again make sure it does not have any flavors because they might give your dog stomach upsets. You can buy chicken meat specifically for your dog, or you can give him the pieces that come from your kitchen table. When buying chicken, make sure the chicken has been labeled organic and it has the standard mark of certification.


Beef is the best raw dog food because it contains skeletal muscles that will give the dog the needed exercise for their jaws. The muscle tissues of the heart, the esophagus, the heart or the tongue are also good for the dog. Beef has all the essential amino acids that dogs need to sustain their lives.

The second best raw dog food is beef kidney because it is low in fats, rich in essential minerals and also rich in proteins. Beef liver is also a good source of nutrients especially proteins.


Turkey has a good amount of proteins and it has less fat as compared to beef. Turkey comes in handy for dogs that could do with losing a few pounds. Just in case you decide to cook turkey for your dog, avoid using heavy oils because they are bound to make your dog suffer from stomach upsets.

Where do experts disagree on raw dog food?

The more conservative way when feeding dogs is to partially cook the food before feeding the dogs, however, most vets recommend that the fresher the food, the better it is for your dog. Some people are of the opinion that uncooked food is harmful for the dogs since there is a risk of bacterial infection.

Others are of the opinion that cooked food is not beneficial to the dog since most of these nutrients will have been destroyed by the fire.

Where experts agree on raw dog food

  • It should be noted that raw meat and bones are not beneficial to your dog if other nutrients are not included into its diet. Again, don’t feed a dog that watches TV the whole day on meat only because it can be quite unhealthy. The dog is immobile for the better part of its life and its bound to become overweight
  • Unless some of these foods like fish, pork or rabbit are extremely fresh, they need to be cooked first to kill bacteria.
  • Raw bones are the best; therefore, they should never be cooked. Cooking bones makes them softer thus increasing the risk of hurting your dog.  They may hurt its gum or in worse cases, the dog might choke on them.


Once you start feeding your dog on raw foods, you will find it hard going back to the commercial foods. Raw dog food is nutritious and healthy and it doesn’t need you to break the bank to buy. All you need to do is increase on your weekly supply of groceries and you will have a happy dog.

If you love hunting, you can take your dog with you and give him or her small parts of what you hunt. It will get the thrill of eating wild meat. Just make sure the animal is not harmful for your dog by doing a lot of research before you go hunting. You can also check with your vet to ascertain that the meats from your hunting sprees will not be dangerous to your dog.