More About the Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix aka Scoodle

Scottish Terrier Poodle MixDescription:
The Scottish terrier Poodle mix is an average sized dog, which is more commonly known as the Scoodle.  Other names for the Scoodle include the Scottiepoo or the Scottish Shoodle.  The appearance of the Scoodle can vary depending on what it inherits from its parents.  The coat of the Scoodle is medium to long and it can be straight, wavy or curly.  These low shedding dogs come in solid black, wheaten and sometimes have small colored markings of white and silver.

Scoodle temperament:
These dogs are extremely smart and loyal.  They stay true to their owners and constantly enjoy human companionship.  These dogs are full of life and like to play.  It is has a strong protective nature and it is courageous in the sense that it would do a lot to protect its family.  While it is a friendly dog, it does not like to be teased and may snap or bark excessively if pushed too far so care needs to be taken with children.  This energetic dog loves children and can run around for hours playing with them.  Although it is intelligent it can be stubborn and it responds well to positive reinforcement and training with treats.Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix

Scoodle size:
This dog varies in size depending on the dominant breed in the dog.  It can typically weigh between 9-15lbs (4-6.8kg) and has a height of 8-14 inches (20.3-35.5cm).

Scoodle health problems:
The Scoodle has no known health conditions.

Living conditions:
While the Scoodle likes to play outdoors it is ideally to be kept indoors.  Because it not a big dog living in an apartment or condo is suitable as long as it exercised on a daily basis.

Scoodle exercise:
The Scoodle is one dog that does not really need to have a daily walk.  If this dog has enough space to move around, it will exercise itself.

Scottish Terrier Poodle MixScoodle grooming:
The Scoodle does not take much time when grooming.  The only real grooming this dog needs is light brushing a couple of times a week to keep its hair tangle-free and looking shiny.  If the dog has more poodle content than terrier, they will need their hair brushing more and regular trips to the groomer to have their hair trimmed.

This dog has such a kind temperament that it suits anyone.  It gets on with all people and if socialized well it does not have any problems with other pets.  As it is a low shedding dog it is perfect for those people who tend to suffer from allergies.

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