Where to Find Silver Lab Puppies for Sale

Silver Labrador Puppies For SaleThe Silver Lab has quite a lot of controversy surrounding it. Many breeders dislike this variation and other love it. Not all breeders approve of breeding this color variation and other breeders only try to breed this type.

A famous breeder advertised a rare silver grey looking Labrador back in the 1950s, and many people were shocked because the Lab did not traditionally have this color before. Some people believe it is a result of a mixed breeding, and others don’t.

The Silver Labrador remains a mystery just like the Fox Red Lab that also takes on a rare color appearance. This can make the Silver labrador hard to acquire at some times. 

Overall, the Silver Lab still takes on the same amazing traits that Labradors have. I’m here to help you begin your search to find Silver Lab puppies for sale.

Check out our list of breeders and potential rescues below.

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How Much Does a Silver Lab Puppy Cost?

The Silver Labrador is a color variation in the Labrador that can be quite difficult to breed. The most skilled breeders can accomplish this. Silver Labrador puppies aren’t very expensive.

You can expect to pay between $1,200 to $2,500 for a Silver Lab puppy. Each breeder charges something different based on their reputation, pedigree, and even what they include with the purchase of a puppy.

Since Labradors are so widely available, breeders don’t charge as much as a rare dog breed. If this still seems like too much for you, you can look down in our rescue section for a cheaper Silver Lab, but it will likely be much older and not a puppy.

So if you really want a Silver Lab puppy, then you will have to purchase one from a breeder. Below are four reputable breeders to begin your search.

Silver Lab Puppies For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Silver Labrador Puppy Breeder?

Here we have found four Silver Labrador breeders that are registered with the American Kennel Club and reputable; check them out. 

Serenity Ranch Kennels

This small breeder has been breeding Labrador Retriever since 2004. The family has an excellent background with dogs as they also provide training and boarding services.

They are located on a 120-acre farm in Central Texas. Their dogs are treated with a great deal of love and treated like members of the family. 

The puppies come with a limited American Kennel Club registration and a 26-month health guarantee. The owners at Serenity Ranch Kennels breed a variety of Labs coming in the colors of black, white, silver, and charcoal. 

Their puppies start at $1,595 and go up in price from there based on the color. They have multiple litters each year, so you should contact them to put a deposit down on a future litter if you are truly interested.

You can find more information about this family and kennel here: https://www.serenityranchkennels.com/

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Silver & Charcoal Kennels

The owner behind this kennel has been working and breeding the Labrador for twenty years. They are located in the Greenwood area of Mississippi.

All of their dogs and puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club. Puppies will be given a limited registration.

Puppies come with a 24-month hip guarantee, too so you can rest easy with that. All puppies coat $2,500 no matter the color.

They breed a variety of different colored labs from silver, charcoal, red, white, and black. They strive to bring you the best quality dog and companion.

Right now, deposits are full for current litters, so if you are truly interested, you can contact the kennel here: https://www.silverandcharcoalkennels.com/

Silver Mist Labradors

The kennel at Silver Mist Labradors is a separate building that the dogs live in. It is temperature-controlled and very cleaned. It gets inspected by the American Kennel Club to ensure it is safe and clean for dogs.

The Kennel has a fenced-in outside area for the dogs to play around in. The expectant mothers get moved into the birthing room to get ready to have puppies.

They love all Labradors, but their focus in breeding is to breed the silver, charcoal, and champagne colored Labs.

All the dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club, and each puppy comes with a limited registration. Their Silver Labs start at $1,200 and go up from there.

If you are truly interested in getting a Silver Lab, fill out their puppy application and get in contact with the owner. You can find more information about them here: http://silvermistlabradors.com/Home_Page.php

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Heathridge Labs

At Heathridge Labs the two owners only specialize in breeding the silver and charcoal Labradors. Their small family breeding operation is located in West Tennessee.

Jeff and Rhonda have been breeding Labradors for twenty years now, and all their dogs are American Kennel Club Registered, and puppies come with a limited registration.

They do not ship their puppies across the United States, so you will need to make arrangements to come to them to get your dog.

These puppies start at $1,500, and they want a $200 deposit to secure a hold on the dog you wish to buy.

If you want to learn more about this kennel click here: http://www.silverlabsnstuff.com/home.html

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Locate a Silver Labrador Rescue

Rescues can be a great way and an easy way to acquire a dog you are looking for at a cheaper price. The only drawback is that you will likely find an older dog instead of a puppy.

The Lab Rescue is a non-profit rescue that rescues, rehomes, and takes in neglected or abused Labradors. They work with six different states to acquire these dogs and rehome them.

They have many Labradors up for adoption. Look through their list and see if they have any Silver Labs that you might be interested in purchasing.

Another great resource to check out is the Lab Rescue by State. This directory is really helpful as it gives you a map of the United States. It lets you click on the state you live in so you can see just how many Labs that are in need of a new home.

They have both purebred Labradors and some mixes. It can be very helpful and extremely affordable to go through a rescue. I hope you found these two Silver Lab rescues helpful.


Have you ever seen a Silver Labrador? Do you own one? Let us know in the comments below if you have one or plan on purchasing a Silver Lab puppy for sale.

I hope I was able to help give you a lot of information to help you begin your search in finding the perfect Silver Labrador puppy for you and your family.

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