Learn more about the Snorkie

This small dog is a cross between the miniature Schnauzer and the Yorkshire terrier. This dog is the perfect lap dog and one of the most preferred ‘designer’ dogs. The Snorkie has the same build as a miniature Schnauzer and typically an appearance of a Yorkshire terrier. A Snorkie’s coat is usually silky and is not too dissimilar to that of the Yorkshire terrier. Snorkies can come in a variety of colors; however, the most common coloring is black and tan. They can either have a solid coloring like the miniature Schnauzer or it can have a multi-colored coat like that of the Yorkshire terrier. This dog typically has more of a square head like the Schnauzer with small floppy ears. This dog has short legs with small feet and its tail can either be docked or left natural. With its adorable appearance and loving nature, the Snorkie is one of the most loved dogs.

Snorkie temperament:
The Snorkie inherits its playful and fun nature from the Yorkshire terrier. This dog is typically a lively dog with a very sweet temperament. This designer breed tends to be devoted to its family and it especially enjoys playing and interacting with children. Additionally, it also thrives on human attention and with its curiosity and calm nature they warm to everyone. It is an intelligent dog and learns tricks easily and likes to be stimulated through different games and toys. Snorkies are very loving dogs and make great companions for everyone.

Snorkie size:
This is a very small lap dog and it ranges from 5-12lbs (2.2-5.4kg).

Snorkie health problems:
The average Snorkie can enjoy a long life of up to 15 years if it is cared for properly. This dog is a healthy dog and one of the dogs that suffers from very few health problems. An average puppy litter can be rather large ranging from 5-10 puppies.

Living conditions:
Snorkies are great dogs to keep inside an apartment as they are small and do not make a lot of mess. It is not appropriate to have these dogs as outdoor pets as they are so small and fragile. Additionally it is not advisable to keep these dogs if you live in a hot climate as they are very sensitive to the heat.

Snorkie exercise:
Although this is a small dog it enjoys going for long walks in the outdoors and is likely to try and make friends with every other dog in the park. It also is a dog that likes to play games and giving the dog different toys will stimulate it so it doesn’t grow bored.

Snorkie grooming:
Because of their shaggy hair these dogs do require regular grooming and a good brushing 2-3 times a week. It is also advisable to have the hair around their eyes trimmed as it can grow notoriously long and obscure the dog’s view.

This is an ideal pet for any kind of person who does not mind having a dog inside. It is a great companion for families and older people but with really small children care needs to be taken as the Snorkie, especially puppies, can be fragile.

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