Top 10 Dog Toys for 2019

Hey, dog lovers! Are you having trouble picking out the best of the best for your pooch? Is your mutt ultra-selective with their toy selection, or maybe you just can’t decide which toy is the best bang for your buck? It’s no secret that we dog lovers are busy people, and though we all want to do the best by our furry family members, sometimes we just don’t have the time to research the latest and greatest pet toys. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular toys on the market right now, and after some careful consideration, we’ve put together a list of the best dog toys out there for 2015, just for you. Check it out!

1. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Designed in the USA, Chuckit! scores all the goals in the game when it comes to playing fetch, and these Chuckit Ultra Balls are a top pick for dog owners who want to add more distance to their pup’s long retrieve. Made for use with the ever-popular Chuckit! Launchers, the distinctive orange balls are safe and durable toys that are guaranteed to give your favorite fetch-happy pup the workout of a lifetime. Unlike tennis balls, the Ultra balls are tooth-friendly, made out of natural rubber, and they don’t just have amazing bounce, either. They’re also praised by real-life dog owners for their long lasting endurance for even the toughest of chewers and they float with ease, making them the perfect choice for pooch play on land or water. With a multitude of accompanying accessories that make exercising your dog fast, fun and easy, these Chuckit! Small Ultra Balls are our number one dog toy choice for 2015.

To up the fun factor for your favorite four-legged friend, don’t forget to check out these other great Chuckit! accessories too! The ever popular Chuckit! Launchers allow you to toss that ball up to three times the distance while saving your hands and clothing from drool-covered balls dropped at your feet, making it one of the handiest tools around for busy dog owners. We suggest adding a little auditory excitement to your dog’s everyday routine with Chuckit! Whistler Balls – the perfect add on to your Chuckit ball for the highly distractible hound! Made of the same natural rubber as other great Chuckit! products, these balls produce a low whistling noise as they travel through the air, catching your pup’s attention and helping them to locate the ball easily. We give Chuckit! balls four big paws up!

2. KONG Medium Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

A classically fun squeaky made by the KONG company, this Cozie Dog Squeaky is driving dogs everywhere crazy – in a good way! These toys caught our attention right away with their ten different adorable plush figures (Rosie the Rhino is our favorite!), but we also loved the fact that they have an extra layer of tough fabric that protects the squeaky part of the toy, helping it to last longer. Owners who hate having stuffing strewn around the house will love these as well, since there’s not much padding to the Cozie Toys, making for little mess if they happen to rip. Although this toy isn’t great for hardcore chewers, it’s still a ridiculously cute bundle of fun in a surprisingly sturdy package – perfect for games of fetch or as just a good snuggle buddy for your furry friend.

3. KONG Classic Dog Toy

Bounce it, toss it, stuff it, hide it – is there anything you can’t do with a KONG? A toy that’s been around for decades, the KONG Classic Dog Toy has yet to lose its appeal with dog owners and canine professionals alike. This super-versatile toy can be used for fun games of bouncy and unpredictable fetch, but the KONG Classic really shines as a chew toy, with a hollow cavity that’s perfect for stuffing with treats to keep your curious canine out of trouble. The fact that it’s made right in the USA from safe, natural rubber and is easily washable doesn’t hurt either, so it’s no surprise that the KONG Classic is one of the top toys that veterinarians recommend to their clients.

4. Our Pets Smarter Interactive IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

It’s no secret that most dog breeds were created to do specific types of work – Border Collies were meant to herd sheep, and Labradors are instinctive water retrievers. As dogs have moved into our homes as pets, they may be healthier and better fed than ever, but the epidemic of canine boredom is skyrocketing as dogs find themselves without jobs. This Interactive IQ Treat Ball is the perfect way to challenge your canine friend’s abilities! A food-dispensing ball that can be filled with your dog’s kibble or treats, it’s a great way to keep your new puppy occupied while you cook dinner, or your busy-minded Border Collie thinking outside the box when it comes to mealtime. This ball takes mental stimulation one step further by including the option to adjust the difficulty level too. Innovative and fun, this ball gets our approval for building both a healthy canine mind and body!

5. Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Squeak Toy 4 Piece

Squeaky! Stuffy! Adorable! Squirrels! One of our favorite hide-and-seek toys for dogs, the Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Toy is a tree-trunk full of squeaky fun for your favorite friend. Dogs can satisfy their inner ‘huntin’ hound’ by tugging the squirrels out of their pockets, or alternatively, owners can place treats or kibble inside the holes in the plush tree trunk for a fun game of ‘find it’. We love the fact that the plush material is durable and fully washable, and when stuffed into the tree trunk holes, the size of the plush squirrels provides just the right amount of resistance to keep your pup interested and coming back for more play.

6. KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

Some dogs delight in destroying every toy they come across – perhaps your pooch is one of them! For those persistent pups, this ball is the ultimate solution with almost never-ending endurance. Like other products in the KONG Extreme line, this KONG Rubber Ball Extreme is made to withstand the roughest play, and many owners of relentless chewers have praised the KONG Extreme over and over for its dependability. Although this KONG Ball is simple in design, with the characteristic bounce ability of other KONG products and an easy clean exterior, it’s our recommended choice for those tough-playing pups out there.

7. Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

Wishing for a chew toy that will keep your pooch occupied for hours? This fantastic Nylabone Dura Chew comes in a whimsical, functional wishbone shape, with bristles that massage your pup’s gums and clean their teeth as they chomp away. One of the most common health issues that our canine companions tend to experience is chronic dental disease; aside from being an ideal way to help maintain your dog’s oral health, this chew also has an appealing flavor that has many enthusiastic mutts coming back again and again. Some caution is advised for particularly large or aggressive chewers, however, as the bone is not meant to be broken up and eaten. With two sizes available (regular size and ‘wolf’ size), this sturdy chew has the right stuff to please mutts of all shapes and breeds.


A tremendously fun plaything for the Frisbee enthusiasts out there, the KONG Red Rubber Flyer should be a staple in every outdoor dog’s toy box! With just the right amount of flexibility and weight, this KONG Flyer makes it easy to produce the perfect fling for your pup every time you throw. This floppy rubber disc is also easy on a dog’s teeth and gums, making each game of fetch fun and exciting for any dog that enjoys catch and retrieve – no breaking or splintering with this toy! Made in the USA like other products from the KONG line, the disc is super-strong, easily holding up to a good game of tug, and the bright red rubber is easy for your dog to spot, non-toxic and safe for your pooch too. Finally, this one-of-a-kind disc comes in two sizes so that any fetch-happy dog can enjoy a quick toss or two!

9. KONG Pudge Braidz Dog Squeaker Toy, Medium/Large

It’s hard to beat the versatility of KONG toys, and these superb soft toys are no exception. We couldn’t help but include them in our Top 10! With four different toy characters available to suit your pup’s personality, the KONG Pudge Braidz is an outstanding improvement on the original Braidz products. Catering to more persistently playful pups with a doubly thick braided center section for extra sturdiness, these toys are tougher than their outwardly charming appearance suggests. These are great toss or tug toys that can easily fit in a backpack or coat pocket for a quick game at the park, and the squeaky incentive is sure to keep your dog bringing this toy back for one more throw…or ten!

10. Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

Last (but definitely not least on our list) is the ultimate in affordable rope tug toys. Agility competitors, bully breeds, and other super-tug enthusiasts – this tug is for you! With a generous, 25” length to provide lots of safe area for human fingers to hold on to, and three separate knots for your furry friend to chew on and tug with, this thick and sturdy Rope Tug is a toy that will stand the test of time after many a session of back and forth with your dog. The soft and colorful rope fibers do double duty to clean your pup’s teeth while they’re gnawing, and although we’d mostly suggest this tug for larger pooches out there, lots of medium to small sized dogs could also have a ton of fun with this phenomenal tug toy.

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