Morkie: Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix AKA Yorktese

Tenacious and the center of attention, the Morkie is a toy sized breed of dog that is fun loving and full of life. They are sure to bring entertainment to any room they enter and fill their owner’s life with puppy dog charm. Description A charming and affectionate breed, this hypoallergenic breed gets credit for … Read more

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

Description The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the entire world.  Most people know the Yorkshire terrier by its nickname the Yorkie. The Yorkshire terrier was first developed in the 19 century in the United Kingdom. They had a very specific job to catch rats in the clothing mills. They … Read more

Fourche Terrier: Westie Yorkie Mix

Westie Yorkie MixDescription
The small Fourche Terrier is a hybrid designer dog and a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. These small, but playful dogs are extremely intelligent and show a lot of loyalty. Despite their small size and delicate appearance, they are protective of their human families and are known to be good watchdogs. The Fourche Terrier is a wonderful companion for all people

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Learn more about the Snorkie

This small dog is a cross between the miniature Schnauzer and the Yorkshire terrier. This dog is the perfect lap dog and one of the most preferred ‘designer’ dogs. The Snorkie has the same build as a miniature Schnauzer and typically an appearance of a Yorkshire terrier. A Snorkie’s coat is usually silky and is not too dissimilar to that of the Yorkshire terrier. Snorkies can come in a variety of colors; however, the most common coloring is black and tan. They can either have a solid coloring like the miniature Schnauzer or it can have a multi-colored coat like that of the Yorkshire terrier. This dog typically has more of a square head like the Schnauzer with small floppy ears. This dog has short legs with small feet and its tail can either be docked or left natural. With its adorable appearance and loving nature, the Snorkie is one of the most loved dogs.

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All about the Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Mix aka the Yorkipoo

Yorkshire Terrier Poodle MixDescription:
This fun-loving ‘designer’ dog is a mixed breed dog and is a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and the Poodle. The most common given name for this dog is Yorkipoo sometimes spelled Yorkie-Poo. A kind and loving dog, it is perfect for those who want a dog that will not require too much grooming or care. This hybrid dog was first designed with the intention of being a companion dog that was able to live with those people suffering from allergies as it is a low-shedding dog. The coat of the Yorkipoo is generally softer than most dogs with a slight curl or wave which it inherits from its Poodle parent. This dog comes in a variety of colors which include black, silver, white, grey, tan and even apricot. The ears can either resemble the Yorkshire terrier or the Poodle depending on the content percentage of the dog.

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All About the Chorkie – The Yorkie Chihuahua mix

Yorkie Chihuahua mixDescription:
The small Chorkie is a mix between the Yorkshire terrier (Yorkies) and the Chihuahua. The popularity of this cute much loved dog surged during the 90s when the phenomenon of small dogs, especially Chihuahuas took off. The Chorkie has a claim to fame and was the much coveted dog face of the popular fast food chain Taco Bell, since then very few people have been able to resist its sweet tiny face with big eyes and a distinctly long tongue.

Depending on its parents the Chorkie can be different sizes. It can be a tall leggy dog or it could have shorter legs like the Yorkshire terrier. They have a distinct fluffy coat and obvious, usually lighter colored eyebrows. These teacup dogs come in a variety of colors and can be red, gray, brown or black with some even changing their color with each season. As these dogs grow older the longer hair around the muzzle begins to gray. These are popular toy dogs and a favorite ‘purse’ dog despite their scruffy Yorkie appearance.

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Learn About the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix aka the Shorkie-Zu

Yorkie Shih Tzu MixDescription:
The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu. These loving and loyal dogs make the perfect companion dog. Due to their small size they are considered to be ‘toy’ dogs. Most Shorkie-zu dogs take after the Terrier side and resemble it in looks. It has a medium length coat and floppy ears. These small dogs have short bodies and a curled up tail just like its Terrier roots. Shorkie-zus can be found in a variety of colors but as they grow older their color changes. Shorkies come in red, black, gold, chocolate, white or black with a tan saddle. This dog’s hair is typically shiner than other breeds and it is also a non-shedder, perfect for allergy sufferers.

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