All About the Mountain Feist Dog, its temperament and more!

Mountain Feist DogDescription:
The Mountain Feist dog is a sleek, compact canine that has a handsome profile and short coat. The average example of the breed stands 10 to 22 inches tall. The ears are pointed and can be upright or folded over. As Mountain Feist puppies grow into adults, their muscular shape becomes more prominent. Healthy dogs will have powerful legs with curved nails that are sharp and ideal for climbing. This quality improves the canine’s ability to chase down elusive small game. Mountain Feist breeders will offer pups in a wide range of colors, however black, white and light brown are the most common.

Temperament of a Mountain Feist Dog:
Mountain Feist temperament includes curiosity and high energy levels. This alert breed is well-suited for hunting and companionship, as long as owners are prepared to give their pet the attention and play time needed to keep the dog happy. The Mountain Feist dog is a multi-purpose canine that can handle tracking larger game as well as hunting smaller prey such as squirrels and raccoon’s  They are also very vocal, usually issuing growls, barks and the distinctive baying that is often associated with hunting breeds. Potential owners should note that the Mountain Feist is a pack-oriented animal that shows a strong desire for love and affection. When Mountain Feist puppies are properly trained, this breed can be very appealing for involved owners who enjoy the company of their four legged friends.

Mountain Feist DogHeight & Weight:
Average Mountain Feist dog height is 10 to 22 inches (26 to 56 cm)
Average Mountain Feist dog weight is 10 to 30 pounds (4.5 to 13.5 kg)

Health Problems of a Mountain Feist Dog:
No general health concerns are currently associated with the Mountain Feist dog.

Living Conditions:
The Mountain Feist dog is an active canine that desires nothing more than hunting. The dog should be given ample room to exercise and plenty of interaction and play time. Homes with more outdoor space are preferred to accommodate the dog’s energy levels. Families with less space should plan to walk and exercise their dog every day.

If the Mountain Feist dog is not going to be utilized as a hunting canine, then owner(s) should plan on walking their pet daily. The dog needs long walks or jogs to help burn off energy that can accumulate due to inactivity. Pent up energy can be applied in negative ways if not properly managed by the owner. Good heeling practice is a must for this breed because it is intelligent with strong hunting instincts. When walking, owners should always maintain a position of calm dominance by leading the dog rather than the other way around.

Mountain Feist dogs are short haired and require minimal grooming. Unless they wind up in a mud puddle or burr bush, most only require an occasional brushing to eliminate shed hairs.

No one knows exactly when the Mountain Feist dog came to America. Historic records mention the breed and their cousins, the larger curs, as assisting the early pioneers. The breed‘s name is sometimes spelled “Fyce” or “Fice”. Abraham Lincoln penned a poem mentioning Fice canines prior to the Civil War. George Washington also discussed his experiences with the breed in a diary.

It is possible to find a Mountain Feist mix, although temperament, appearance and other factors will be influenced by the breed traits of the non-Feist parent.

Mountain Feist DogWhat colors do Mountain Feist dogs come in:
The Mountain Feist dog is favored for its intelligence, hunting ability and climbing capability.

Are Mountain Feist’s good for first time owner? Training?
The Mountain Feist may not be ideal for new dog owners because of its high energy levels and hunting drive. Potential owners should thoroughly research the canine and speak to reputable Mountain Feist breeders to learn more about training, exercise and general care.

Common mixes:
Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers and Labs have all been bred with this canine. There is no Mountain Feist mixed breed pairing that is notably common.


  1. says

    I have a friend. that has a chawa/mountaion feist or fiest dog when. you go to pick him up he tryes eat you up vary fast what other temper does this dog have he is black with one white spot on him with this dog you have to take your time to pet him with one hand

  2. brenda shultz says

    I have acquired a puppy that was misrepresented as a border collie. She is definitely not and I am sure she is a mountain feist. She has a great personality and is curious, smart, is already trained. She was born around the first of December. Maggie has no papers. She has all her shots. Very active, I cannot keep up with her, I am disabled with long term back issues and my husband has cancer. I do not want to take her to pound or shelter. I feel we are doing her a disservice by not providing her with the right experiences for her breed. Let me know if you have any suggestions or know anyone who may want her.
    Thank you,
    Brenda Shultz

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