Learn More About the Shih Tzu Dachshund Mix aka the Schweenie

Shih Tzu Dachshund MixDescription:
The Shih Tzu Dachshund mix is more commonly known as Schweenie among breeders.  This is a small lovable dog that makes the perfect family pet as it is kind and easy to look after.  Generally this dog is small in height like the Shih Tzu and longer in length like the Dachshund.   It has a sweet endearing face and big floppy ears.  This dog’s eyes usually resemble those of the Shih Tzu and tend to be quite big and dark in color.  It has broad muscular shoulders and it’s quite a strong dog despite its small stature.  These dogs usually have a medium length coat that can sometime look a little scraggly and they have a beautiful rusty color.

Shih Tzu Dachshund mix temperament:
The Schweenie is a loving and extremely loyal dog and for a small dog it has a big personality.  Because of their intelligence and their eager to please, they are very easy to train.  They get used to their surroundings very quickly and sometimes rely too much on their owners and if they are separated for too long they have a tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.  While they are sweet dogs, they can sometimes be a bit moody so it is best to socialize them with children from when they are young.

Dachshund Shih Tzu size:Shih Tzu Dachshund Mix
These small toy dogs do not grow to be very big and the average weight can be anywhere between 9-20lbs (4-9kg) when full grown.  The average height is about 11-20 inches (27-50cm)

Schweenie health problems:
Overall this mixed breed has good health and they do not suffer from bone or hip problems like their parents.  They also do not suffer from the same spinal problems as the Dachshund as they are quite a bit shorter than them.  There most typical problem would be susceptibility to fleas and ticks due to its longer coat which can be prevented with the use of topical flea treatments.  If cared for properly these dogs can enjoy a long life due to its lack of health problems and the life expectancy is anywhere between 10-14 years.

Living conditions:
This dog is versatile and can adapt to different homes.  However, because it gets quite attached to its owners it is not a good idea to change owners; therefore buying this particular kind of breed needs to be thought about as dogs that switch owners can suffer from depression and anxiety.  This is perfect for apartments as it is so small.  It should never live outdoors and it needs its own bed in a warm area of the house.

Schweenie exercise:
Although small, the Schweenie needs daily exercise and about 20 minutes should be enough.  When it’s raining you can have your dog running up and down the hall playing fetch to help it release its energy.

Shih Tzu Dachshund MixSchweenie grooming:
The only grooming requirement for the Shih Tzu Dachshund mix is regular brushing.  It is recommended to brush this dog 2-3 times a week to keep its long coat tangle free.

This dog loves people and it needs to be around people a lot.  It likes to cuddle and often prefers to sleep in the same room as its owners as it craves constant human touch.  This is the perfect dog for children as it is calm and does not have an aggressive nature; however, it does need to be socialized from a young age.


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  • Jennifer

    I just adopted a Schweenie and will bring him home tomorrow. He is 13/14 weeks old and has been in foster care since 4 weeks. Foster mom has been trying to train him with potty pads but I want to train him to go outside….any information you can provide would be helpful.

  • Chivi

    Just got a 2-month-old Schweenie and just for 4 days of staying in our house, he already knows the boundaries and limitations thus (thank God) he is potty trained! Such a smart dog

  • Amy

    Just adopted a schweenie/terrier mix. She is only 6 weeks old and is so loveable and just loves my 4 year old. She is very attached already to us, we love her to death and after only 2 days she is pretty much potty trained :)

  • Stacie

    I just a shweenie. She is very lovable, but refuses to use puppy pads. I do not want her going outside because there are larger dogs that like to wander in our yard even though it is fenced it. But, after bringing her home, giving her a bath, and loving on her for about 20 minutes she is stuck right to my hip. She follows me everywhere in the house and sleeps in a box next to me (until she cried then she sleeps next to me on the bed lol). She is beautiful! Her hair is longer than the ones in the pictures, Her coat looks more like a shih tzu puppy than a mix.

  • Sarah

    My shih tzu dachshund mix is about 9 years old and still is playful and adorable. He sometimes has a bit of temper, but he can be very sweet and loves human food (even though he rarely gets it) The only problem is he has diabetes, so we aren’t sure how long he will live. He’s like my best friend and I don’t know what I’ll do without him. I definitely love this breed and want to get another, hopefully a girl.

  • Doug Schmitt

    I had a dachshund – Shih – Tzu mix that I called a dachshu. He lived to be 15 1/2 years. Unlike the article, he lived outdoors during the day or in a pen in the garage at night. My wife and I both worked so we never really had an opportunity to train him to stay inside for long periods at a time. He was the best dog ever. Had to recently put him down, however, and I will miss him greatly.

    • tori

      aww I’m sorry I love my dog srry

  • http://dogable.net tamia island

    love my shiweenie he’s 8months and great at training . He’s name is commett. i trained him in about 5minutes and he got the memo. The first two days I got him he never leave my side. He’s great without a leash.When I wash him I always use oatmeal shampoo so he can have a healthy shiny coat.I will never give my dog away no matter what.

  • Kelsey

    I have a Schweenie named Myla. She’s a year old now and we’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old. The absolute best dog ever and the 2nd love of my life. She has never had an aggressive bone in her body (she is quite an alert dog when she hears someone outside). Her and my cat are best friends and they play nonstop, and cuddle when they sleep. She follows me all over the house and is currently asleep in my lap. She can sleep through ANYTHING. The best decision I’ve ever made was to get this pup. Everyone loves her, even the non dog-loving. 100% mutt perfection!

  • Barb

    our Schweenie, Millie, is amazing. Follows me every place I go, all day long. HAS to sleep in between my husband and I and HAS to be touching us. Every time a door bell rings on the TV she goes crazy, she is funny! When she is naughty she will hind under the bed, but he never makes it all way under and her little butt sticks out, so darn cute that you can’t stay mad at her. She has a great personality and LOVES our other older dog to play with, they are best friends (our other dog, Wendy, is a Shih Tzu.

  • SAP

    I had recently taken in my sisters sweet Shih Tzu , Chloe;) she went in heat before I realized …..poof she was caught in the act w our neighborly rust colored wennie dog ( early Oct.)….. Last mon ” puppies!”) she is white in color … We have 1 rusty & two w/ the markings of our other neighborly ‘ Rottweilers ? Nooooooooo!! …..? There’s no way? Right? From my estimations she was two weeks early ? She had absolutely no problems giving birth , done in hour … All on her own & first litter. So my question is ……is it possible ? Rottweiler? Or is it most likely a recessive gene- explaining the color ? Anyone??

  • cherie

    Hello all. My AKC female Shih Tzu somehow out foxed me and slipped next door where she was violated by my sons dachshund resulting in a littler of 6 puppies. Now I have seen the web sites for these pups and it appears that there is a market for them. I’m just wondering what price I can ask for them as they will be ready for Christmas. I always get a Health certificate and all the shots that are required to sell a dog in the state of Florida. So I would like to recoup those costs as well. I hope to hear back from some one. I appreciate it. Cherie

    • Amanda

      Do you still have any puppies left? We have two Schweenies (age 10 and 7) and paid $300 plus airfare- I hope that helps and would love a new family member-

  • JR

    We fostered two 5-week old sisters from the shelter — had no idea what breed they were but of course fell completely in love with them and decided to keep them both. Now they’re a year old and have grown to look almost exactly like some pictures of schweenies that I have seen, and the description of appearance and temperament is an exact match. (Because these girls came from the pound, they’re probably not ‘perfect’ schweenies …they might have something else mixed in there… but the one looks JUST like the picture above). They have grown to be about 24-25 pounds, though, and they are definitely not overweight, so mine are bigger than the average. Complete lovers, MUST be basically on top of you at all times, and sweet as pie!!!! :) I’m obsessed.

  • Melba Wiley

    Cherie, I have 4 Schweenies born Dec 5 so they will be ready for new homes in 2 weeks. Mom is 7lb Dashound blk & tan, dad 8lb black & white Shih Tzu. They will be small. Only 1, the male has a long coat. U can email me at toocountrymel@yahoo.com.

  • Melba Wiley

    Amanda, I left a reply that I have a litter of Schweenies, but I called you Cherie. Sorry. You can email me at toocountrymel@yahoo.com

  • karen

    I have a schiwieenie. His name is dashi. He’s a good dog. He is 7 months old the only problem I have with him is he wants to bite at my feet when iam walking. And bitting at my hands when trying to throw his toys to chasr. And jumping on people . When I have guest over I have to kennel him up. Any suggestions

  • http://enternetexplorer karen

    I have a Schiweenie. He’s 7 months old. He’s very smart. The only problem I have he loves bitting at my feet when iam walking. Also jumping on people and bitting my hands when trying to touch him or pick him up to give him some love. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • kalan

    I have a schweenie paisley who is now 5 months old, but I’ve had her since she was 5 weeks. She was a rescue puppy. She was very shy at first (because of the abuse she had endured from previous owner) but she came out of her shell. She is very lovable, I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. I recently moved and she has adapted so well so quickly. She gets along with my 9 month old God child and other dogs as well. I’m currently training her and it’s going very well because she listens very well, even though she can be very stubborn at times. She’s always full of energy but calms down when she knows it’s bed time. She fetches and retrieves and never bites. She is about the size of a miniature poodle expect she isn’t as tall, and she has the face of a schi tzu. She is a perfect puppy for me and I’ve grown so attached to her. :)

  • Dorothy Hurzeler

    I have a puppy not 100% sure if it is this same mix owner said it is but this puppy is very tall for either and dachshund or a shi tzu anyone out there have any idea?