Where to Find Spanish Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Spanish Mastiff PuppiesOne of the many Molossar breeds, the Spanish Mastiff is very old breed of dog that originated in Spain. It was originally created to guard and defend livestock, but is also known for effectively protecting the home and family as well. Yet, before looking for a Spanish Mastiff for sale, make sure the breed is not banned from your state or country, as this dog is not allowed everywhere. Nonetheless, if the breed has no restrictions and you have decided this is the type of dog you want, below are a few ideas of where you can find one.

Spanish Mastiff Breeders

When you are looking for Spanish Mastiff puppies, the best place to check is with a breeder. Here are a few Spanish Mastiff breeder ideas:

  • Cinco Deseos Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs: Located in Nevada, this kennel breeds top-notch working Spanish Mastiffs. They actually specialize in many types of Mastiffs, as well as some hybrid dogs. If you want a purebred Spanish Mastiff puppy their prices begin around $1,000 USD and go up to $1,500. Their website is www.lgdnevada.com/Spanish_Mastiffs.php.
  • Fall Creek Farm: This breeder has been dealing with the breed since 2003, when they had their first Spanish Mastiff imported from the Czech Republic. It didn’t take them long to fall in love with this breed; so before they knew it their collection grew. They had a male imported from Spain and a female from Poland. Currently, they have several males and females they use in their breeding program. They are located in Wisconsin and their website can be found at http://fallcreekfarm.net/lgd.htm.
  • Angel De La Asturias: If you live close to Virginia and want a Spanish Mastiff that is well socialized with children and other animals, then these are the breeders for you! They began in 2000 and currently only deal in champion bloodline dogs that are imported from Spain. You can find their website at www.angelmastiff.com/welcome.html.

Spanish Mastiff Rescue

There are several dog rescues around the country that specialize in Spanish Mastiff dogs. One place you can begin is with local breeders, as some of them also deal in relocations and adoptions of older dogs. On the other hand, you can check out www.gentlegiantsrescue.com/spanish_mastiff_page_1.htm, this website is for the Gentle Giant Rescue. They deal in saving multiple types of molossar dogs, including the Spanish Mastiff. They have many connections, and it is not uncommon for them to have available dogs in multiple states.


Spanish Mastiff PuppiesIn the end, do your homework before choosing the Spanish Mastiff, but if you already have and know this is what you want – there are lots of places to look. Whether you decide to have one imported from another country, or buy one domestically, you will have a great livestock protector who makes sure nothing happens to his loved ones!


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