Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

Pitbulls are dogs that can survive on anything but being a good pet parent, you want the best dog food for pitbulls.

Pitbulls can be bullies but with the right training, they make very good companions.

Pitbulls are a mix of several breeds which makes it quite an uphill task to make the right choice and get good recommendations when it comes to getting the best food.

Breeds that are generally referred to as pitbulls include the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Our Top Pick of Best Food for Pitbulls

Food Quality Price Our Rating
Fromm Gold Holistic Dog Food A- $$$ 90
Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food B+ $$  95

*The above ratings are based on expert opinions and/or on our experience with the products. 

Pitbull Diet and Nutrition

Pitbulls are strong, masculine and agile.

They are also naturally stocky but they are medium sized in terms of their weight. Pitbulls with white coats and pink skins tend to have allergy problems and we all know that allergies can be quite an issue for dogs.

Pitbulls can overeat which means they should be watched at all times so that they don’t eat more than what they should.

The best dog food for pitbulls is the one that has a good measure of proteins since pitbulls require a lot of energy. An active

An active pitbull needs an average calorie intake of between 922 calories and 1740 calories. Pitbulls that are older, neutered or spayed need lesser calories. Depending on their individual metabolism, some

Pitbulls that are older, neutered or spayed need lesser calories. Depending on their individual metabolism, some pitbulls may need more calories.


Protein is an important component in pitbulls diet.

According to AAFCO (Association of American Feed control Officials), pitbull puppies need 22 percent of protein in their diet while adult pitbulls need 18 percent protein to maintain their bodies.


As you are looking out for the best dog food for pitbulls, you also need to understand that fat is also an important component in your dog’s diet because it is an important source of energy.

For puppies, the food should have 8 percent fat. For adult dogs, the fat content should be 5 percent.

Feeding Pitbulls

As it had been noted earlier, pitbulls love food which means you won’t have to work harder trying to feed your dog.

On the contrary, you need to make sure that your dog does not over eat.

Most pitbulls do just fine with two meals per day.

Puppies can have three meals daily until they are old enough to have two meals per day.

Health Problems for Pitbulls

Some pitbulls tend to suffer from elbow dysplasia as well as arthritis.

Even though they are considered as medium-sized dogs, it is good to feed pitbull puppies on puppy food that has been designed for large breeds.

To encourage a slow growth in pitbull puppies, you need to keenly look at the phosphorous to calcium ratio and make sure the proteins and calories are slightly lower.

Most pitbulls have skin allergies. Most breeders recommend foods that do not have the common irritants the likes of wheat, soy, and corn.

However, beef, chicken and dairy products are the major causes of food allergies in pitbulls.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, the best dog food for pitbulls who suffer from  allergies should not contain chicken, beef, dairy products as well as corn, wheat or soy.

If you want your dog to be healthy, make sure that proteins and fats are from good food sources.

Select dog foods whose main ingredients are whole meats and they have been listed as the first two or three ingredients in the ingredients list.

If you want your dog to have carbohydrates get a better source like sweet potatoes.

The idea here is to keep the carbohydrates low. A healthy pitbull needs moderate levels fat and proteins.

Recommended Best Food for Pitbulls

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Taste of the world dog food is the best dog food for pitbulls because it maintains an extremely high protein content. It uses real meat and meat meals.

By using meat meals, Taste of the Wild sets itself apart from the rest.

This food also uses fermented soluble and acidophilus in order to enhance your furry friend’s digestion abilities.

This food is a good value for money because your dog gets the best without you needing to rob a bank

Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food

Fromm Gold Holistic is yet another best dog food for pitbulls because it has been made with red meat as the name suggests and it does not have grains.

It contains high levels of quality proteins making this food ideal for puppies, adult pitbulls as well as senior dogs.

This food has no fillers and neither does it have grains like wheat.

This food is good for your pitbull because your dog will get all the energy it needs to maintain good health as well as replenish the lost energy used in running around and playing.


For your senior dog that is less active; the best dog food is food that has omega 3 fatty acids that have been sourced from the fish.

Also, foods that have probiotics, antioxidants, and glucosamine are good for the pitbulls joints and bones.

If the food that your dog has does not have any of these, it is good to get him or her supplements and include them in the dog’s daily supplements to make sure they get the recommended intake of some of these nutrients.

Fresh water is also a very important component, it will help in digestion as well as absorption of minerals; keep your dog hydrated according to the weather, its size and its level of activities.

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