Fourche Terrier: Westie Yorkie Mix

Westie Yorkie MixDescription
The small Fourche Terrier is a hybrid designer dog and a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. These small, but playful dogs are extremely intelligent and show a lot of loyalty. Despite their small size and delicate appearance, they are protective of their human families and are known to be good watchdogs. The Fourche Terrier is a wonderful companion for all people.

They have small proportionate bodies and despite the size they are very muscular and sturdy dogs, especially in the front limbs. They are shaggy dogs, taking after their parents, and if left unclipped, they take on the appearance of a miniature Sheepdog. Its coat is full and thick and comes in a variety of colors including white, cream, black, tan, brindle, brown, or rust. It can often have a patchy colored coat with it patches of color being typically found on its chest, long beard, and feet. Even though the Fourche Terrier has a medium to long coat, it is easy to maintain due its low-shedding status.

The Fourche Terrier typically has large rounded eyes. They are usually set wider and are of a dark color, but there have been a few cases when a Fourche Terrier has had blue eyes. Their facial hair is long and all Fourche Terriers have a moustache and long beard. Their muzzles are short and compact and their ears typically resemble those of their Terrier parents, larger and pointed.

If the Fourche Terrier lives a healthy life, the average life expectancy for this small dog is between 12-15 years.

Fourche Terrier Size
The Fourche Terrier is a small dog just like its parents. At shoulder level it can measure up to 11 inches in height. Their average weight is low, but they have sometimes been known to reach a weight of 25 pounds.

Westie Yorkie Mix Health Issues
The Fourche Terrier is a healthy dog, but it can sometimes display signs of skin problems. A typical dog skin condition that your Fourche Terrier may develop is Pruritus. This causes the dog to itch and scratch themselves. If left untreated it can become infected. Depending on your dog, will depend on how much your Fourche Terrier suffers from Pruritus. It could be a change of the seasons that triggers it or it could be just a general skin condition they suffer from that needs ongoing care.

Fourche Terrier Temperament
The Fourche Terrier makes for a great family dog due to its extremely loving and affectionate nature. This dog likes to have human contact and is known to follow its human owners around the house.

It is a loyal dog that will instinctively protect its family members, especially children. It loves children and a lot of playtime therefore it is an excellent dog to keep if you have young children.

This dog can be stubborn at times and if it does not feel like doing something, it will stubbornly refuse, for example going on a walk. It loves to play outdoors, but equally this dog likes lounging around indoors too.

Westie Yorkie Mix Grooming and Exercise
The Fourche Terrier’s coat needs maintenance due to its shagginess and length. It is recommended to brush your dog’s coat with a metal brush daily to keep it tangle free and shiny looking. If it becomes matted, the dog will be more prone to skin breakouts and even dog eczema.

It needs to be groomed and clipped every 8-10 weeks to keep it looking neat. Its hair can grow long if you let it. It is especially important to trim its fringe, so your Fourche Terrier’s sight is not impaired.

This dog does have energy, but not as much as other small hybrid dogs. One leisurely walk a day will suffice. If you cannot walk it one day for some reason, running around the yard and playing with the kids will suffice.
Fourche Terrier Training

The Fourche Terrier is a little more difficult to train due to its playful and stubborn nature. It will often mistake training sessions for playtime. To train your Fourche Terrier, you need to have consistent firm training. It is recommended to take your Fourche Terrier to a reputable dog trainer and have it trained from an early age to break any potential bad habits.

Fourche Terrier Suitability and Living Conditions
The Fourche Terrier is able to live in an apartment due to its size and low to moderate energy levels. This is a dog recommend for families with small children as it does not show any aggressive tendencies.

The Fourche Terrier does best in mild temperatures and has trouble withstanding extreme weather, especially heat. This is an indoor dog and it should not be kept outdoors.

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