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German Shepherd Chow MixThe German shepherd Chow mixed breed is a medium to large-sized dog. Its features vary depending on the dominant breed. Typically these dogs’ faces look more like a German shepherd with a long narrow muzzle and distinct black mask and eyebrow coloring.

Their ears usually stand half upright and are slightly floppy on the top. The Chow Shepherd mix usually is much hairier than a German shepherd with its downy fur, and it takes its coat from its Chow ancestry.

Its tail is bushy and curves upright like a Chow. They have a typical red or tan coloring often with the German Shepherd’s black saddleback. These dogs are known to be aloof at times, but they are also fiercely loyal.

German Shepherd Chow Mix History

There is no known date as to when the German Shepherd Chow mix was intentionally developed. We do know; however, it must have been quite a long time ago because they have been around for quite some time.

Both of the parents of this breed have a very long history. As you may already know the German Shepherd comes from Germany and is know to be the perfect service dog in many areas. 

Chows come from China, and they are known for their fantastic stamina, and we used as sporting dogs. Many Chinese have compared the Chow breed to cats and that they act a lot like cats.

As you know both of these breeds date back over a few centuries old. 

This mixed breed is starting to get very popular, and it will be easy for you to find a breeder that specializes in this breed.

Chow Shepherd Temperament

These fluffy hybrid dogs can be very sweet at times and crave human attention. They will stay close to their owners, rubbing up against their legs or jumping into their laps, wanting to be stroked and admired.

The Chow Shepherd mixes are dogs full of energy and constantly want to play and be the center of attention. These dogs are intelligent dogs and learn to adapt to different situations quickly.

These dogs get bored easily, so they need to be constantly challenged with new games like tug of war and fetch to keep them mentally stimulated. This dog can also be a little bit stubborn and sometimes has a mind of its own, showing its mischievous Chow nature.

German Shepherd Chow Mix Personality

To know exactly what type of personality your German Shepherd Chow mix might have, you first need to know the personalities of the parents of the breed.

They will be the closest example of how your dog will act.

As you may know, the German Shepherd is a working-class dog. They work well in a variety of situations. They are very disciplined and loyal to their owners they work hard and have a confidence about them. 

You should have an easy time with training due to the intelligence that comes from the German Shepherd parent.

This mixed breed will make a very good family pet. It is very loyal and loves all the members of the family. It’s not the type of dog that needs to be with its owners 24/7. This dog can entertain itself.

They will love and protect young children, but sometimes they can get overly protective, meaning if children start acting out or very playful the dog can sometimes thing that is  a threat, just something to think about in your consideration.

Overall this mixed breed is very lovable, intelligent, protective, and a good dog to have on farms or other environments. 

German Shepherd Chow Mix Coat

This breed has a very good mix of both the German Shepherds coat and the Choe’s coat. You will find this coat to be very dense and thick. 

The hair is long and will need to be brushed very often. This breed does shed a lot, so this would not be a good dog for someone who suffers from allergies.

Since this breed does have a double coat it will stay extremely warm in cold weather climates. If you live somewhere that gets very hot in the summer either think about getting your dog shaved or keeping them inside most of the summer.

German Shepherd Chow Mix Size

German Shepherd Chow MixThe weight and height vary of the German shepherd Chow mix and they can weigh anything between 75-95lbs (34-43kg).

Their height can be between 22-26 inches (56-66cm).

Chow Shepherd Health Problems

Generally, this is a healthy dog with few problems; however, it may be prone to hip dysplasia like the Chow and German Shepherd.

Chow shepherd mixes are also known to suffer from flea allergies, which can be prevented by using topical flea treatments and good grooming.

Living Conditions

This dog’s boundless energy requires big open spaces, and ideally, owners need to have a spacious enclosed backyard. This is the perfect dog for young children as it loves to play and thrives on attention.

This dog also needs to be around people; otherwise, it tends to get bored and into trouble. It is an ideal dog for young families who have a lot of time to dedicate to it.

This dog needs to be in a home with a family. As it is a big energetic dog, it would suit young active families who like to be outdoors.

Chow Shepherd Exercise

This dog is one of the most energetic breeds of dog, and it is constantly running around. It chases anything that moves, and therefore when walking it, it needs to be on a leash until you can let it off in a big free open space.

It needs to be exercised on a daily basis, and it also needs to run about to get rid of some of its energy. It takes a while to tire this dog out, which is why it is a great dog for children who never get bored with playing outside.

Make sure you can give this type of dog the required exercise it needs in a day. If you cannot commit to an hour of exercise a day with your dog, then you should look elsewhere for a different breed.

German Shepherd Chow Mix Feeding

You want to make sure you pick out a dog food that is specially designed for a medium size to large breed dog. Make sure the dog food you pick out has a prominent source of protein in the first few ingredients.

Since this is a large dog breed, your dog will need between three and four cups of food each day broken up into smaller meals. To get a specific amount you will need to consult your local veterinarian. 

When you separate the meals into smaller portions, it helps to prevent bloat. Bloat is a medical condition that occurs in larger dogs that can affect the twisting of the stomach when it’s full. It can be fatal!

German Shepherd Chow MixChow Shepherd Mix Grooming

This dog breed is going to have a whole lot of hair. You will need to have a brush handy to maintain all the fluff.

Brushing the dog’s coat on a regular basis will keep it untangled and help get rid of dead hair.

You may also want to invest in a de-shedding tool like the SleekEZ dog brush. It helps to get all of your dog’s dead hair out that would ultimately fall onto the floor or all over your house. 

This mixed breed has a very thick and dense coat, as well as an undercoat. They will shed all year long so having a tool on hand to help minimize this will be great. 

Bathe your dog when necessary or if they are extremely dirty. Always remember to check your dog’s nails every month to make sure they are properly clipped. 

What Colors Do They Come In?

The German Shepherd Chow mix can come in a few different colors they include:

  • Tan
  • Fawn
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red Hues

Chow Shepherd Training

This breed will actually be very easy for you to train. Both of the parent breeds have great intelligence and they learn fast.

As long as you train on a consistent basis, there is nothing that your dog won’t be able to learn.

You can always take your dog to a professional trainer if you are not interested in training.

Make sure when your dog is a puppy that you practice socialization to make your dog friendly and not aggressive towards people.

Always reinforce positive behavior and learning tricks with a treat to help your dog know they did good!

German Shepherd Chow Mix Life Span

You can expect an average lifespan for this mixed dog breed. This mixed breed can live between 10 and 12 years.

Depending on your dog’s health, this estimation could be longer or shorter.

Remember that if you are ever concerned to consult your veterinarian. 

German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppies

This mixed breed does not cost very much for a puppy. The parents of the breed will cost you way more than one of these puppies.

Depending on what breeder you find, you can expect to pay around $300 to $800 for a puppy.

Sometimes you can get lucky and find one of these mixed breeds in a rescue, but you will have to do the research and look around.

Remember there will be additional costs when owning a puppy.  Don’t forget you will need to budget for vet visits.

Close Relatives of the German Shepherd Chow Mix

There are a few breeds that closely resemble the German Shepherd Chow mix, they are:

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  1. Ok so I think my dog is a chow shepherd mix but I don’t know she has short hair but when I looked up pictures of them one came up that looked just like her but she is exactly like the description about their behavior but she could also be an Anatolian shepherd we don’t know

  2. Ok so I think my dog is a chow shepherd mix but I don’t know she has short hair but when I looked up pictures of them one came up that looked just like her but she is exactly like the description about their behavior but she could also be an Anatolian shepherd we don’t know

  3. We’ve had Dixie for nearly 11 years. When we bought her as a young puppy at the Jockey Lot we were told that she’s a Jack Russell/Border Collie mix but she was so doggone cute we didn’t care what she was and we definitely wanted a mixed breed.. The vet disagreed with the JR/BC breed and as she grew she looked more and more like a shepherd, one of our favorite breeds, but with the extra hair at neck and flanks. FINALLY someone saw her recently and said she looks just like his Shepherd/Chow. I looked up pics of same and discovered that Dixie has a TON of relatives! The temperament you describe fits her to a T, but of course she IS the prettiest, smartest, friendliest, and most loyal of her kind. Two things I’m curious about are that she has had an off-and-on wheezing problem since she was a pup that the vet says may be allergies but seems to act a lot like asthma. The other thing is her toys. She only likes the soft stuffed toys (with squeekers, natch) and when someone she knows comes in the door — and she always knows BEFORE they come in whether they’re friends or strangers; I told you she’s smart — she brings them a toy as a greeting. She doesn’t give it to them, just shows it to them and then follows them around with it until acknowledged. Just wondered if those two things are breed specific or unique to Dixie. You’re so right about loving kids. She’ll let the grandkids hang all over her and take things out of her mouth. Fortunately (for her) they don’t live nearby because now, at her advanced age they wear her out! We wouldn’t trade her for a million bucks. I read somewhere that their life expectancy is 11-12 years. Sure hope that’s wrong!!!

  4. i have a geman chow mixed a male he follow me around the house waits outside the bathroom sleep in my room and will not let anyone walk him but me how can i break him from this or is this just his breed

    • Hi. I have a Chow and she also following me everywhere. And when I just got her, my husbend told me – this dog never will leave you along. So, I think, to this mix it comes from Chow. Now I want try mix her with Siberian husky.

  5. I forgot to mention that our shepherd chow Dixie is a fantastic hunter. –Everything from squirrels, chipmunks, possums, moles, even tackled a raccoon once and learned it’s not a good idea! Three times when we were on our walk with her she stopped, sniffed at a mole ridge/tunnel, and stuck her nose thru the dirt and came up with a mole. Also very much a “velcro” dog, like Charles’ (above),Wants to be near one of us at all times — but she walks well on leash with anyone, even our young grandson. P.S.: What happened to the pictures I sent you?

  6. So I think I have a german shepherd mix chow chow hes still a 5month pup hes black and brown and very furry also he loves chewing on stuff I dont know if thats normal for his breed or his teeth


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