The German Shepherd Poodle Mix a.k.a. the Shepadoodle

german shepherd poodle mixDescription:
The German shepherd poodle mixed breed is more commonly known as the Shepadoodle dog. This is not a purebred dog and it is a mix between the standard poodle and the stock German shepherd. These shaggy medium sized dogs come in a variety of different colors including: black, gray, tan or cream and they can come in either a solid color or sable. The Shepadoodle is both a strong and agile dog and together with its good muscular framework they tend to have good stamina. This usually hairy dog typically has a narrow muzzle like the poodle but sometimes it can have a wider one like the stock German shepherd. Its ears are typically the same as a poodles and are hairy flopping downwards. It has a well fringed tail which is carried high with a slight curve upwards.

Shepadoodle temperament:
The Shepadoodle has an excellent combination of the Poodle’s intelligence and the German shepherd’s loyalty which makes it a great family pet. It is an active dog and very curious and it is believed to be one of the safest dogs to have around children.

german shepherd poodle mixGerman shepherd poodle mix size:
The weight and height varies of the Shepadoodle depending on its parents, however, both females and males tend to weigh the same between 50-80lbs (22-36kg) and they range in height of about 15-26 inches (38-66cm).

Shepadoodle health problems:
The German shepherd poodle mix is a dog with relatively few disorders and diseases. The most common disease it suffers from is hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disorder, bloat and because of their long curly hair they are sensitive to flea attacks. Most Shepadoodles if cared for properly live to be 12-14 years.

Living conditions:
The gentle temperament of this dog mixed with its versatility means that it can do well in almost all living conditions, even apartments if it is taken for regular walks. However, due to its large size it is better to have a fenced backyard for it to move about.

Shepadoodle exercise:
While this is an active dog and needs walking it is not necessary for it to run around to be tired out like the German shepherd. Taking this dog for a leisurely walk twice daily is the perfect way to keep it in shape.

german shepherd poodle mixPoodle German shepherd mix grooming:
The Shepadoodle dog needs constant brushing and maintenance of its coat to keep its hair from tangling. Constant brushing also helps prevent flea attacks. Use a metal pin brush to keep its coat looking in top shape. This dog has a naturally thick coat and it should be bathed only when needed. Despite it having long hair, when wet do not dry it with an electric dryer as it may cause skin irritation.

The Shepadoodle is the perfect family pet as it has a very gentle and loving nature. While they are intelligent dogs early socialization and obedience training is a must as it is easier to keep them in line. These dogs need a firm owner who will be strict with training and commands otherwise it has a tendency to do what it likes because of its playful manner.

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  1. I would like to have a male Shepadoodle. I live in the Boston area. I cannot afford an expensive pup/dog. Can you help? Thank You, Janis

  2. Can you not afford to feed your dog out of a dog bowl? Why would you post a video of your dog eating out of a plastic piece of trash? Bad breeding, nothing but mutts! You are using animals to feed yourselves. Get a job!

  3. 02/19/2015
    My wife and I have 2 female standards, 7 and 10 years old we would like to have a healthy shepadoole.
    We have a nice home in Virginia. When you have any puppies now or in the future please let us know
    Availability, and price.
    Woody Woodruff


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