Where to Find Japanese Spitz Puppies for Sale

japanese spitz puppies for saleThe solid white Japanese Spitz is a popular house pet and companion dog. The breed was created in Japan during the 1920s and the 1930s. It is said that this breed descended from Siberian Samoyeds, but this theory is rather controversial in the dog world. Regardless, these dogs are medium-sized, solid white and have long fur that is sometimes compared to non-stick Teflon. There are many places to find Japanese Spitz puppies, all you have to do is look!

japanese spitz puppies

Japanese Spitz Breeders

When beginning your search to find the perfect Japanese Spitz for sale, a great place to begin is on the breed’s American registry site found at www.japanesespitzusa.com. Here you will find detailed information on what it takes to own one of these gorgeous dogs, news pertaining to the breed and also a list of reputable Japanese Spitz breeders in the USA.

On the other hand, there are many reputable breeders who have their own websites and can be found by conducting a Google search. For instance, if you are looking for a Japanese Spitz puppy for sale you can contact a breeder called ’Konalae’. They have been breeding these dogs since 2003 and own several imported dogs from Australia and other places. You can learn more about them on their website www.konalaejapanesespitz.com.

Another Japanese Spitz Breeder is Mannerking Kennels, and they are located in Australia. Their puppies are placed in only the best homes, so you will be required to answer many questions and be knowledgeable on the breed; you may even have to sign a contract! Learn more about them at www.mannerkingjapanesespitz.com.

Regardless where you live, if you look you will find a Japanese Spitz breeder that is either close to you or able to ship puppies.

japanese spitz puppy

Japanese Spitz Rescue

This is a popular breed that features its own rescue. At the Japanese Spitz Rescue, they want to help every homeless Spitz find a new family. Although rescued dogs do not come free, they go to their new homes fully vetted and in the best possible health. Though you will need to make donations of around $200, the Japanese Spitz cost can range up to $1,500 when purchased from pet stores; so, a rescue donation is small in comparison to that!

In the end, when you choose the Japanese Spitz breed, you are choosing a dog that will get many looks in public! This medium-sized dog is a loyal companion and a great friend for every family!

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