More About the Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

Labrador Retriever Husky MixDescription:
This big dog is a mix between the Labrador retriever and the Husky and is more commonly known as the Siberian Retriever which is not to be mistaken with the Labrador Husky which is a completely different breed. Their appearance depends on the percentage of the mix while some Siberian retrievers look more like a Husky there are others that resemble a Lab retriever more. This dog has a triangular shaped head with pointed erect ears. It is not unusual for a Siberian retriever to have two different eye colors with one brown one and one pale blue one. This is quite a tall dog with long legs and webbed paws. This dog’s tail curls upwards like a Husky’s and is usually black with a white pointed tip. The coat of the Siberian retriever has medium length hair and it can be either black and white or brown with copper. These intelligent animals make wonderful companions and they will stay loyal to their owners.

Labrador retriever Husky mix temperament:
The Siberian retriever is known as a loving and affectionate dog who exercises patience. It is a popular choice as a family pet due to its cheerful temperament and the close relationships it forms with its owners. This dog is lively and good-natured and it loves to play – especially in water. Their love of water is taken from the Lab retriever side as these dogs are known for being dogs that enjoy being water. They have boundless energy and need to have constant attention and affection from their human family. While its Husky family likes to bark, the Labrador retriever Husky mix is noticeably much calmer and makes less noise. It is a dog with a protective nature however, and if it sees that one of its owners is in trouble they will bark to alert others for help.

Siberian Retriever size:Labrador Retriever Husky Mix
These are large tall dogs that can way anywhere between 40-60lbs (18-27kg).

Husky Labrador retriever mix health problems:
This dog has an average life expectancy between 10-15 years if cared for properly. The Siberian retriever does not have any major health issues but it can be prone to parasites so owners must check their ears often.

Living conditions:
Because this is a big dog it is necessary for owners to have a medium-large enclosed backyard to run about. Additionally, owners should keep their dogs either indoors or in the garage at night as these dogs do not like the rain.

Labrador retriever Husky mix exercise:
This dog needs a lot of exercise and it likes to run so taking it to a park or an open space where it is safe to let the dog off the leash is a good idea. They need to be walked at least twice daily. This intelligent dog learns tricks easily and a great way of exercising it is by playing games such as Frisbee.

Labrador Retriever Husky MixSiberian retriever grooming:
This dog is relatively low maintenance and like all dogs it needs its coat brushing 1-2 times per week to keep it in a healthy condition. Brushing will need to take place more in the spring and summer months when the dog begins to lose its undercoat.

This is an ideal dog for a family with a large home and plenty of time to spend outdoors with the dog. This is not really suitable for older people as it has a lot of energy and can get too energetic and playful when not exercised on a regular basis. This dog does not like to be left alone and is prone to suffer from separation anxiety disorder when alone for to long a periods.

They are also suitable for those who like to hunt as they are good at tracking and retrieving. They are even used in some counties as police dogs as they are able to track narcotics just like the full-breed Labrador retriever.

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  1. Is it easy to find puppies of this breed to buy? Anyone know where to find one? I live in the channel islands but the south of England is also fine if there are any breeders there

  2. I have a beautiful two yr old lab huskey I rescued from the pound. He’d been thrown out on street since he was two weeks old; I talke to animal control. They also told me he’s been adopted several times after they picked him up an he kept getting abandoned. I adopted him June 16th 2013 and brought his cute self home. I am also deaf and thought he’s make a great service pup. Well got him home and the chihuahua hated him, he just loved her and wanted to play and play but she wasn’t having it. He enjoyed being spoiled to all ends. I trained him to sit lay stand come his new name trigger (because he seemed so “trigger happy” all the time) and to shake. He learned quick it took me a week. I worked with him on walking and staying with me oh that was a hassle and a half! But now two years later he is a beloved part of my family, the chihuahua loves him and are best friends, and he got his national service dog certification a month ago! He is a smart dog and loyal just tons of energy all the time and needs to run and play, not just work. I wouldn’t trade him for anything he’s a perfect dog!

  3. I adopted my lab husky mix from a rescue and Bo was terrific – he pulled kids on sleds, ate lots of things he shouldn’t have, and made me laugh every single day. He was a big, friendly, happy guy. At age 14 had him put down due to cancer. Ah, Bo. Miss you.

  4. I got a six week old husky/lab mix two weeks ago and she is growing like a weed! So playful, loves to chew, loves to talk! Omg does she talk. Very intelligent and loving. Super adorable. She’s white with black markings resembling our Pointer. I’m loving watching her grow.

  5. My lab/husky mix looks like a pure black lab, except for this tail which curls inward. It’s probably the only husky in him lol I love him very much. He’s my baby boy ♡


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