Pomimo American Eskimo Dog Pomeranian Mix Breed

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A Pomimo dog is part of the non-sporting and toy group. Pomimos have other names such as Eskiranian and Eskipom. This dog is also a hybrid breed which means designer breed. This type of breed is made up of two different pure bread breeds the American Eskimo and the Pomeranian. These dogs weigh between 10 to 17 pounds and get to be 7 to 12 inches tall, which is bigger than the average Pomeranian and smaller than an Eskimo. The Pomimo has a thick dense long coat that will protect them from the cold but that means they are big time shedders. Their coat can come in many different colors from black, brown, gray, tan, and white. The pomimos have different varied characteristics from both the Eskimo and Pomeranian. They are most always gentle, friendly, and usually affectionate.


The Pomimo dog is considered to be very easy going happy dogs. They are made up of so many different characteristics from the Pomeranian and American Eskimo. They are generally affectionate to both adults and children. They are very intelligent and loyal. They make very good watchdogs; they know when to defend their family if strangers are around. Just introduce your Pomimo to the person then they will know not to be so hostile towards them. Overall they are great loving pets to people of all ages.


This mixed dog breed does run small, not as small as a Pomeranian but they could stay the size of a full grown Pomeranian depending on where you got your Pomimo from. They will usually be bigger than a Pomeranian and smaller than an American Eskimo. The minimum weight of a pomimo is 10 pounds and maximum is 17 pounds. They get around 7 to 12 inches tall and that’s why they are classified in the toy group as well as the non-sporting.

Health Problems:

Besides the things that need to be done with every dog breed like shots and check ups; the Pomimos can get eye infections. This is common in most Pomimos when they get sick. Make sure that you are taking them to the vet regularly and have updated shots to be sure no health issue should happen. If they do seem to get sick or get an infection take them to your local vet immediately.

Living conditions:

Preferably the Pomimo would be comfortable with a house with a yard so that they could run around in. The Pomimos are very active dogs that liked to be taken on walks daily. You can live comfortably with them in an apartment but if you take them on walks it would make them happier with room to roam. This dog will do great in all weather conditions as long as your maintain the grooming of their long coats. Depending how much you groom them will affect how much they shed in your house.


The Pomimos love walks and love being active. That’s why they would prefer to have a yard to run around in. Try to take them on walks almost every day or atheist a few times a week, the dog will enjoy it and get exercise while doing it.


The Pomimos need moderate grooming; just like humans the time you put into grooming will affect how much they shed. Give them baths every so often at least once a week and make sure you don’t see any health concerns with their eyes. Brush their thick coats because they will shed and the brushing of their hair will lessen the shedding. Overall it’s not extensive and it’s more moderate.


Overall this mixed breed loves to be around people especially the family or owners of the dog. They are very affectionate and loyal companions for all ages. They live up to 15 years so you should be able to have them throughout your children’s lives.  Enjoy some great bonding time with your Pomimo with a walk around the block and they are perfect dogs to go running with to get some exercise.

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  1. I just got one and he is awesome! He’s happy and a little cray cray! LOL. He is a ball of energy right now, but I wouldn’t have any other way:)

  2. I have a beautiful 2 yr old 16lb female Pomona, and she is so smart and sweet! Recently, she has been having difficulty jumping up into my arm chair. Could this be due to a lack of daily exercise?


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