SleekEZ Dog Brush Review: Why Your Dog Needs This

Does your furry friend have seasonal shedding blowouts? Do you find yourself aggravated having to clean up constant hair around your house? If you said yes, then you came to the right place, and I have a simple solution that will help you say goodbye to dog shedding.

In this SleekEZ dog brush review, I tell you more about this brush and exactly what it does. It perfectly captures the dead hairs on your dog’s body and removes them for you before they end up all over your house. If you are interested in that, keep reading on to learn more about the SleekEZ product.

SleekEZ Dog Brush Review

One of the most effective ways to de-shed your dog is by using the SleekEZ dog brush. It’s a must-have tool in any professional or home-grooming kit. It works best on dogs with short to medium-length coats, including Terriers, Chihuahuas, Bulldogs, Dalmatians, and Huskies to name a few.

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Don’t understand what all the fluff is about with the SleekEZ? Carry on reading, and we’ll tell you why it is one of the best grooming tools around.

What we like:

  • The patented design removes fur and dander without touching your pet’s skin
  • The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands
  • The brush reduces shedding by up to 95%
  • It can be used on short to medium haired dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses
  • Available in three different sizes
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • It is made of premium quality poplar wood with a non-toxic finish

What we don’t like:

  • The brush is slightly more expensive compared to similar grooming tools
  • It doesn’t work on dogs with long or thick coats

No matter the breed of your best pal, all dogs shed, even the designer hybrid dogs like cockapoos, Labradoodles, and Poodles. For some, the most common reason is around the change of seasons, when they lose their winter coat in preparation for the warmer months, while others lose hair throughout the year.

Of course, if you notice your dog is shedding more than usual, it could be due to allergies, stress, or a bad diet, which will need a visit to the local vet.

For the most part, however, there isn’t much you can do to prevent it, but there are a couple of ways to manage it.

Sleekez Dog Brush Review


With its patented design, the brush does an excellent job in removing dirt and dander and works wonders for pups that are sensitive to standard brushes and combs for grooming. Instead of teeth, it has a high-carbon steel strip that has been designed to follow a wave-like pattern. This makes shallower grooves in the fur without touching your pet’s skin. It also removes the hair easily, without ripping and damaging the coat.

The base of the brush is made from quality poplar wood with a non-toxic finish. The sides are curved, and the ergonomic design means it fits comfortably in your hands as you brush. Otherwise, you can hold it with both hands.

Although the brush’s metal edge looks like it could do some serious damage, trust us when we say it is completely safe when used correctly.


The brush is available in three different sizes: 2 ½”, 5”, and 10” and is gentle enough to use on your canine companions, feline friends, rabbits, and even horses.  Most people use the smallest size for puppies and kittens, the 5-inch for cats and small to medium-sized dogs, and the 10-inch SLeekEZ for larger breeds.


The SleekEZ is made in the States and comes with a lifetime guarantee, which should give you a good indication of its quality.

Benefits of Using the SleekEZ

The SleekEZ, as far as we are concerned, is one of the most effective brushes, with loads of benefits for professional groomers as well as pet owners who want the very best for their pets.

Let’s take a look at what the benefits are.

1. Removes Dirt and Pet Dander

The SleekEZ helps remove loose hair as well as dirt and pet dander. In case you are wondering, dander is the tiny skin particles that cause allergic reactions. By removing it, you will make it safer, and more comfortable for any family members or visitors who are hypersensitive to these and any other particles

2. Reduces the Amount of Shedding

It is normal and necessary for your dog to shed, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Studies show that the SleekEZ grooming brush reduces shedding by as much as 95%, speeds up the process, and promotes healthy hair growth.

3. Doesn’t Irritate your Dog’s Skin

There are those that think there isn’t much to the SleekEZ brush, saying that it is ‘just’ a chunk of wood with a hacksaw blade. But there is much more to it than that. First of all, the grooves in the comb are a lot shallower than those you find in traditional brushes and combs. This means, unlike other grooming tools, it doesn’t touch your pooch’s skin, which prevents irritations and inflammation.

4. Removes Pet Fur From Upholstery, Bedding, and Furniture

The dual-purpose SleekEZ brush will clean hair, dander, and pet dirt that gets on your furniture, upholstery, bedding, and carpets.

The SleekEZ dog brush costs a little more than other de-shedding products, but most customers are more than happy with the results and feel it is money well spent. For the few who complain about it pulling their pet’s fur or irritating the skin, it is more likely as a result of it being used incorrectly.

Shedding Jack Russel

Tips to Manage Your Dog’s Shedding

Even though there is no way to prevent shedding, it doesn’t have to be a hair-raising experience. We have included some handy tips to help you manage it.

Brush your Pet Regularly

It is a good idea to brush your dog on a regular basis to keep shedding to a minimum. Whether it is once or twice a week, or even on a daily basis, brushing will also make your pet’s fur softer and shinier. It is a win-win situation really.

Nutrition Matters

Just like us, our furry friends need a balanced diet to keep their coats in the best possible condition. Make sure you are giving your pooch a good quality food.

Supplement your Pooch’s Diet

You can also give your pup supplements with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Discuss the correct dosages with your vet, as too much can also be a bad thing.

Drinking Enough Water

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your pooch hydrated. If he isn’t getting enough water, his coat can become brittle and dry, and lead to excessive hair loss.

Bathe your Dog Regularly

Regularly bathing your pup will reduce shedding, especially if you use a de-shedding shampoo, as well as a conditioner. This will help with dry skin and give him a shiny, clean coat.

Speak to your Vet

While shedding is a normal process, especially around the change of seasons, excess hair loss can be a sign of an underlying problem, such as parasites or infections. Regular checkups with your vet will help you identify any issues early on.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your home on a regular basis will keep it fur-free. Remember to vacuum the furniture, curtains, carpets, bedding, and any other upholstery.

Use the Right Brush

Using the right brush will go a long way to reduce the amount of shedding. This is where the SleekEZ brush comes in. While you might need one or two other grooming tools, the SleekEZ brush will minimize the amount of hair your dog loses.

Get Fur Off Furniture

When fur is left too long on furniture or on your dog’,s bedding, it works its way into the fabric, making it more difficult to remove. The SleekEZ can be used on all your upholstery, bedding, carpets, and furniture.

How to Use Your SleekEZ Brush

Remember, the SleekEZ brush is for shedding, not detangling.

For the best results, we recommend you apply pressure when brushing. The SleekEZ, with its patented design, is gentle and won’t tear or cut your pet’s hair, or irritate his skin.

When brushing your pup’s fur, make sure you use short strokes.

The SleekEZ is best for short to medium coats. If your pet has a dense coat, you will need to brush in the same area a couple of times before noticing the undercoat lifting. Once it starts to lift, you will notice more hair coming off much quicker.

Keeping the brush clean is easy; just wipe off the dander and dirt with a cloth or a soft brush.

Should the blade get wet, wipe it dry and apply any kind of oil to stop it from rusting and to preserve it.

If you notice the blade is becoming dull, or not working as well, then use a wire brush to clean in between it.

Don’t use the blade as you would a saw. It will damage upholstery, furniture, and other fabrics.

Once you have finished brushing with the SleekEZ, finish off the grooming session with a cloth or soft brush.


Using the SleekEZ on a regular basis will keep your pup’s coat in perfect condition, reduce the amount of shedding, and it is s a great way to bond with your fur-legged pal. I hope you found this SleekEZ dog brush review helpful in making your decision to get the product or not.

Remember that this product can be used on dogs, cats, and even horses. Let us know what you think about the SleekEZ product below.

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