Where to Find Thai Ridgeback Puppies for Sale

If you have ever seen a Thai Ridgeback, you will notice right away its medium size with a muscular body. This dog breed was originally bred to guard and hunt with its owners, but today most are seen as companion dogs.

The Thai Ridgeback has been accepted into the AKC as a foundation stock service in 1997. Today you can purchase Thai Ridgeback puppies from reputable breeders within the AKC. Below you will find some of those breeders and the Thai Ridgeback puppies for sale.

Thai Ridgeback Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Thai Ridgeback Puppy?

Breeders who specialize in top bloodlines or have dogs with championship backgrounds can get a lot of money for any of their Thai Ridgeback puppies for sale. You should expect to spend between $2,000 to $4,000 for a Thai Ridgeback.

You may even come across some breeders selling their puppies for a whole lot more. Also, the demand for this type of dog is growing, and there are not as many breeders out there for this dog breed. That will also affect the price.

Thai Ridgeback Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Thai Ridgeback Breeder

Even though the Thai Ridgeback is a purebred dog breed, it can be very difficult to find a breeder for it. There are not many Thai Ridgeback breeders here in the United States. Below you see a few breeders that have Thai Ridgeback puppies for sale.


A U.S. veteran and his family run Topking kennel. This breeder has owned many different dogs since the 1970s. After their beloved Labrador passed away in 2016, when this happened, the family was on the search for a new dog and decided on the Thai Ridgeback.

All of the dogs this breeder owns get the most care and love they deserve. Each dog gets health checked by a veterinarian to ensure they are in proper health. Puppies get their first shots before they go home to their new owners.

All of the dogs this breeder owns are registered with the AKC. Thai Ridgeback puppies cost $3,000 and will need a deposit placed on the litter to hold your spot. The breeder prides himself on producing dogs that are excellent champions as well as therapy dogs.

Want to learn even more about this breeder and the dogs they offer? Then definitely check this link out and contact the breeder to let them know what type of dog you are looking for. You can do that here: https://shellback21.wixsite.com/topking

Royal Ridgebacks

Another very reputable breed that you can check out is the person who runs Royal Ridgebacks. This breeder owns Thai Ridgebacks that all come from champion bloodlines and have been registered with the AKC and the APRI.

This breeder tends to have one to two litters each year. Puppies come with a health guarantee, required first shots, and de-wormed. Puppies are reserved on a deposit basis which means you will be guaranteed a puppy from a future litter. Deposits are $250 and non-refundable.

When a litter of puppies reaches the four-week mark, the breeder will send out a questionnaire to prospective buyers. This is just a common way the breeder helps determine which puppy will be best for each new owner.

If you are just looking for some general information about litters and the breeder’s dogs, you can contact us. That form just lets you begin conversations with the breeder. It is a very helpful tool, especially if you want to get a puppy as soon as possible.

Check out Royal Ridgebacks to learn more about upcoming litters: http://thairidgebackbreeder.com/

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Mythaidog Kennel

another option for you to consider is Mythaidog Kennel. Mythaidog Kennel has been breeding since 2010 and has produced so many gorgeous puppies throughout the years. Many of their dogs have earned championship titles and competitions.

You will find an entire gallery on the website full of pictures of their dogs that they own and past puppies they have had before being sold. The breeder also has a very informative section on their website about the standard of the dog breed.

The breeder that runs Mythaidog Kennel has between one to two litters each and sometimes loans of the males for stud service, which may mean more puppies available for sale. I don’t see any information about future litters, so if you are looking for a litter of puppies for the future, you will need to contact the breeder and ask about litter plans.

You can go to the contact us page to fill out your information to have the breeder write or call you back. You will find all of that information here: http://mythaidog.com/

Thai Ridgeback USA

Are you looking for a breeder who has been around for many years with training in the behavioral field of dogs? David, the owner of Thai Ridgeback USA, has been working with dogs for over thirty years, training and specializing in behavior.

Today he has his own Thai Ridgebacks and has litters of puppies. Right now, David is working solo in his breeding operation and still ensuring he creates the highest quality Thai Ridgeback puppies available.

Whether you are looking for a family companion or a show-quality dog, David can help get you your dream Thai Ridgeback. Prices for puppies will range, but they recently sold a show-quality female for $3,000.

The best way to get your dream dog will first be by contacting the breeder. The breeder will give you all the most up-to-date information on future puppies. You can check out this kennel here: http://thairidgebackusa.com/

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Thai Ridgeback Rescue

Countless times people have decided to get a new dog and realized that they could not care for the dog like they need to be, and it gets placed into a rescue. This is a very heartbreaking thing, but with the help of people like you, you can make a difference.

Adoption is a great way to get your dream dog for a whole lot less money, but also, you’re saving a dog that needs a good loving home. The ATRA is dedicated to helping the Thai Ridgeback dog breed. They get dogs who have been surrendered to them and try to find them good new homes.

Definitely check out this rescue to see if they have any adoptable dogs that you may be interested in.


Have you ever seen or owned a Thai Ridgeback puppy? They are quite rare but a very beautiful dog breed. I hope if you have been searching for this dog breed for some time that you found my article helpful in your search for Thai Ridgeback puppies for sale.

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