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Valley BulldogDescription:
The Valley Bulldog is a designer bulldog which is a taller version of the English bulldog and a shorter version of the Boxer dog. It considered to be a rare breed and it is the result of the cross breeding between the Boxer and the English bulldog. Breeders originally started to crossbreed these dogs to get a strong athletic dog which has the calm temperament of the Boxer and the bravery of the Bulldog. The Valley Bulldog as a breed does not have a long history and it is thought to have originally originated from the AnnapolisValley in Nova Scotia, Canada, hence their names the ‘Valley’ bulldog. Like most Bulldogs the Valley bulldog has a muscular body and a strong build with a broad head and thick neck. Additionally, it is also noticeably broad across its shoulders and chest. Valley Bulldogs are also known for their strong jaws and teeth with an under-bite. They come in a variety of colors including white, brindle, black, tan, red or fawn.

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