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Valley BulldogDescription:
The Valley Bulldog is a designer bulldog which is a taller version of the English bulldog and a shorter version of the Boxer dog. It considered to be a rare breed and it is the result of the cross breeding between the Boxer and the English bulldog. Breeders originally started to crossbreed these dogs to get a strong athletic dog which has the calm temperament of the Boxer and the bravery of the Bulldog. The Valley Bulldog as a breed does not have a long history and it is thought to have originally originated from the AnnapolisValley in Nova Scotia, Canada, hence their names the ‘Valley’ bulldog. Like most Bulldogs the Valley bulldog has a muscular body and a strong build with a broad head and thick neck. Additionally, it is also noticeably broad across its shoulders and chest. Valley Bulldogs are also known for their strong jaws and teeth with an under-bite. They come in a variety of colors including white, brindle, black, tan, red or fawn.

Valley bulldog temperament:
If the Valley bulldog is socialized properly it has an excellent and loving temperament. It is known for its incredibly friendly and gentle nature with people, especially children and even other animals – a trait it inherits from its Boxer parentage. Quite often these dogs can be quite unpredictable with its behavior and they can go from being sweet and calm to silly and playful in a matter of minutes which is what makes these dogs so lovable. The Valley bulldog is an intelligent breed and learns easily. Additionally this dog is very obedient and because it is so willing to please its owners it will go above and beyond making training them very easy.

The Valley bulldog has an acute sense of hearing and any slight unfamiliar noise that is heard, it will bark. Sometimes they will bark at nothing and firm training needs to ensure that the dog will bark as little as possible. It makes a great watchdog as it will alert the owners to anything unfamiliar.

Valley bulldog size:Valley Bulldog
This stocky dog measures approximately 12-25 inches (31-64cm) in height and weighs anything between 50-125lbs (23-57kg).

Valley bulldog health problems:
This dog is known for its excess skin and folds. It is very important to keep these areas in between the folds clean and dry as if they are not cleaned properly, they are prone to skin irritations, infections and allergies. The Valley bulldog like most bulldogs tend to not be able to control their intake of food and will eat any kind of food no matter what the amount if it is in front of them therefore they have the tendency to put on weight easily. Bulldogs typically have breathing problems due to the short necks and excess skin folds and if the dog is overweight it can be even more serious.

Living conditions:
The Valley bulldog is not a particularly large breed and therefore it does not require a lot of space inside the house. Keeping this dog inside an apartment or condo is fine as long as it gets exercised on a regular basis as they have the tendency to become active indoors. These dogs do not deal with excessive heat too well and therefore it is better to keep them in air-conditioned rooms.

Valley bulldog exercise:
The Valley bulldog is a muscular dog and likes to exercise and spend time outdoors. It is a dog that needs exercise daily and because they are part Boxer they do have an athletic tendency and like to run. It has great speed and this dog needs a large open park where it can run freely chasing Frisbees, sticks or other animals to get its full amount of exercise.

Valley BulldogValley bulldog grooming:
The Valley bulldog has a very short soft coat that is easy to maintain and it only needs brushing on a weekly basis with a soft bristled brush. It is however, necessary to wipe down the dog with a damp cloth or towel especially in between the folds of the skin to clean the sweat. The tail area and the genital area of a female are areas that need special attention and without care they are prone to infection if dirty. Additionally this dog has sensitive skin so it should be bathed only when needed with hypoallergenic shampoo and dried properly with a towel.

This dog is suitable for families and even those with small houses. It makes a great companion for anyone and will suit most families who could exercise it on a daily basis.

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